Just a lonely, angry, frightened 40-something.
Bucharest, Romania


  • Felixp7 2 hours ago
    TFW you finally come up with a decent concept for a game's cover art and get it out there, after "only" a couple of years of it having to make do with something "temporary".
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  • Felixp7 3 days ago
    At Parcul Circului for the first time after lockdown. I didn't get to see the big magnolia in flower, but it looks to be in good health, and I have the photos from previous years. In other news, they removed the benches. Uh... dear mayor, you realize people can sit on the grass too, right? And some of those benches were historical.
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  • Felixp7 1 week ago
    TFW you finally do a thing that deserved to happen 14 years ago, but it's not too late and it feels great to catch up.
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  • Felixp7 2 weeks ago
    People have Very Strong Opinions on the darnedest things, such as cats, dogs, or the 1984 Dune movie. But heavens forbid you hold firm on truly important matters, like human rights. There you're expected to be all wishy-washy and give dictators the benefit of the doubt.
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  • Felixp7 3 weeks ago
    (Developers fail to provide any project documentation.)

    Everyone: "Why is there no documentation?! Bad developers, no cookie!"

    (Developers work their asses off to document extensively.)

    Read more ...

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  • Felixp7 3 weeks ago
    My phone and PC both offer all kinds of fancy calculators.

    I never needed any other than the four-function calculator that came preinstalled.

    That speaks volumes about the place of software in the modern world.
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  • Felixp7 1 month ago
    Gardens and Streams https://www.kickscondor.com/links/gardens-and-streams/

    "What if the #IndieWeb is not WebMentions? What if it is simply the work of reading and writing to each other?"
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  • Felixp7 1 month ago
    Hey, everyone. Been circling this place ever since finding the client on F-Droid. Which probably says a lot about the kind of person I am. Not sure what I'm even doing here. Mostly just needed another place to waste time in when I'm stuck on the phone. Thank you for having me.

    Err... do we get any kind of post formatting around here, or...?
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