Tucumano88 3 months ago
On pjuu with #symbian, I wonder why can't upload pictures
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  • Pietlu 2 months ago
    Old age probably ...
    I rememeber I couldn't upload pictures with Android 4.x.
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  • Tucumano88 2 months ago
    Sure @Pietlu, same is a fresh air to have a social community in symbian
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  • Joe 2 months ago
    @Tucumano88 there is so issues with uploading but I only thought they were in Android 4 as @Pietlu said. If you have any ability to get debug logs please let me know. Some Javascript is used but it shouldn't be required.
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  • Tucumano88 2 months ago
    Hi @Joe! Don't think I would be able. I'll try to find out how to made a debug log in my 808
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