About Pjuu

Pjuu is an open-source social networking application released under a "free as in freedom" license, the GNU AGPLv3.

We all love choice and Pjuu is another option in the social networking world. It may not be as feature-heavy as other social networking websites, so if you want something simple it's a good option.

As Pjuu is open source, you can take the Pjuu code and run it on your own server. Anyone who is sensitive about the data they post on social networks can host it themselves. These new servers can define their own terms of service and privacy policy, and look after the data themselves. In the future we plan to allow these self-hosted Pjuu servers to communicate with one another.

If you are interested in seeing how Pjuu is build (its rather simple), check out our Github page.

About The Developers

Joe Doherty I am the main developer of Pjuu. I created it to gain experience when I was learning a new Python framework. I thought "why not release it and see what happens?". I haven't stopped working on it since. I am a computer programmer in the United Kingdom, having previously worked as a Linux engineer in hosting.

Ant Kenworthy I'm the server wrangler for Pjuu and I look after the herd of servers that keep Pjuu on-line. I'm a systems engineer by day, also from the UK.

Future Plans

There is still a lot of features we want to implement into Pjuu. The following details what we want to do before version 1.0:

  • Groups It would be nice to have a group feature like those found on other social networks. This is still in the early stages of the process to keep it super simple and easy to use.
  • Private Messages Although private messaging is not a very social thing to do, it is a must. We will be adding this in before version 1.0

If you have any ideas or something you would like to see inside Pjuu, open an issue over at Github, or create it yourself and send us a pull request.


Pjuu is a pretty simple software project, we have made some good decisions and some not so good, which we will have fixed before version 1.0. Below is a list of everything we use within Pjuu.


  • DigitalOcean
    Runs our infrastructure at a great price. We also use CloudConfig (user-data) to provision our servers and services.
  • Sentry
    Monitors the Pjuu application for errors. If there are any issues we know straight away.
  • Mailgun
    Send all emails from Pjuu.
  • Github
    Stores all code for our various projects: The website, the Android and the iOS application.


We may use more in the future but not the time being this will allow us to scale up.

* - There are plans to replace MongoDB with PostgreSQL in the very near future. This is going to allow us to have access to some tools which are specific to RDBMS'. https://github.com/pjuu/pjuu/issues/275