Pjuu now accept's donations :)

These are voluntary so please don't feel like you need to donate!

What are donations used for?

All donations will be used to pay for the infrastructure, domain names and other costs directly related to running Pjuu! It will not be used for anything else, that's a promise.

Do I get anything for donating?

You sure do! You get a lovely gold heart next to your name.

If you want the icon just add your username to the message on the donation page and we will add it your account.

If you want to stay anonymous from your account then don't include your Pjuu username and we won't add it. If you want to remove it after you have it please send an e-mail to and we will remove it.

How can I donate?

We only support PayPal at the moment.

If you have a suggestion for another method please let us know.

With the button below you can directly support the Pjuu project.

Donate with PayPal

Thank you

Even if you have just read this page, Thank You.

We have been working hard and plan to work harder to help protect your privacy.