Armatus 3 weeks ago
IRAQ war results by Todd South:
"Democracy doesn’t necessarily bring stability"

But it works in US? Something went wrong?
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  • Armatus 2 weeks ago
    > system controlled by people
    no offense but it
    looks like communism for me... )))

    how can people control anything, if all country factories and land belongs to less than 5$ of population?
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  • Stolensoul 3 weeks ago
    Democracy is supposed to be a system controlled by people. As long as all they can do is vote for people without any direct impact, the term democracy isn't really accurate.

    If I'm not mistaken, politicians used "democracy" as a pejorative term to mock others' political programs. At some point an US politician reversed this "attack" and used it to help his own campaign, and that's how it started. But the system didn't change, only the definition of a democracy did (in favour of politicians).
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  • Armatus 3 weeks ago
    is it US not a democracy? several candidates... all peoples votes... and so on.
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  • Stolensoul 3 weeks ago
    Democracy doesn't exist for now, may it be in the US or anywhere else. This word started to be used by american politicians to get popularity, yet the political system never reached democracy.
    We can't say that democracy is good because we never saw any, and the idea itself doesn't sound so efficient either.
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