Convictkid91 7 months ago
Ok please forgive me. I really am very lost. I'm just learning how to access the dark web. And for some reason I am failing miserably. I cant even get the tor browser to act right. Hell I don't even know what this site is even for. I just seen there is some very respected ppl on here.... I'm wondering if someone will please just give me a few pointers here. I'm a newby right now but if someone will just give point me in the right direction. I'll be great like some of y'all. Just any advice
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  • Yahya 6 months ago
    ليه كده ياصاحبي
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  • Sigg3 7 months ago
    This is not the dark web @convictkid91 :)

    Welcome to #pjuu anyway !
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  • Stolensoul 7 months ago
    Frankly, if you are so lost, I don't think the dark web is a place for you. If you're genuinely interested in computers and the internet, start learning about more basic things first. If the goal is just to access some illegal content, don't, you'll just end up getting scammed or obtaining a bunch of random malware.
    And also, if this post is genuine, try to work on your writing style, it looks like some scam bot message.
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