Deavmi 6 months ago
Evening all. By the way, if you enjoy networking and find it interesting (as I do) then don't mind if I tell you about #yggdrasil which runs a VPN on the 200/7 IPv6 subnet. Pretty darn fun and cool. Like cjdns but faster and with a different network topology. A spanning tree (but with shortcuts).

We have ~100 users so far but we want to get more people on to test it and stress test it.
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  • Deavmi 6 months ago
    Are you saying there are apps or asking if there are? If it is the former, then where as I am not aware of any. If the latter well the team hasn't made one yet.
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  • Sigg3 6 months ago
    Also, there are F-droid apps for yggdrasil.

    Haven't tried any yet:)
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