Kikikikikiller 5 months ago
I used to think this app provides complete freedom of speech. I've never made such a big mistake before
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  • Sigg3 5 months ago
    Freedom and responsibility goes hand in hand. When someone says ignorant stuff, people will reply in kind. That is not unfreedom, it's just how the equation of everyone's individual freedoms add up.

    If people just ignored the stupid stuff you're saying and all you received was silence, you would not feel free, just nullified.
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  • Stolensoul 5 months ago
    Freedom of speech includes the freedom of speech for others to tell you how stupid what you say is.
    And freedom of speech doesn't mean you can ignore manners and respect. If you acted like that in a phblic place, someone would have punched you in the face already. So grow up instead of crying "freedom of speech" as soon as someone points out the fact that you're a rude kid.
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  • Sarah 5 months ago
    It absolutely does provide freedom of speech, as you can see by the fact that you’re still here and your posts and account haven’t been deleted - however, it seems rather strange that you don’t want to interact with people, or debate, but merely make a series of statements as though you’re talking AT people, not TO them!
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