Maxxcan 5 months ago
Russia is planning to disconnect from the internet as part of an experiment.
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  • Ordi4 4 months ago
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  • Ordi4 4 months ago
    The Internet in Russia will shut off very soon. You know why?
    Because the head of Roskomnadzor just suggested this idea, that he would have allocated money from the Federal budget. Then he will use this money to buy villas in Italy for several billion dollars. And all this for the taxpayers ' money. Russia does not fight corruption, because corruption has SEIZED power!
    I want that all people from the West knew that PUTIN-the THIEF!
    In the country, according to official statistics (which
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  • Ordi4 4 months ago
    can not be trusted), about 20 million people are below the poverty line. They live less than 6000 rubles per month ($100 per month).
    And officials every day snort cocaine and bathe in taxpayers ' money. Did you see the Russian landscape? No? All right, I'll show you. This is the city I was forced to live in. Here everywhere gray, brown color of. In Russia there are no other colors except black and white!! when you come here, you will think that you have become colorblind, and that you are watch
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  • Sigg3 5 months ago
    @Stolensoul Putin's "Internet Research Agency" made it clear that social networks can be weaponized, and that a "Fire sale" is possible (public infrastructure and banking in Ukraine attacked).

    I mean, Facebook is connected to the causal chain of at least one genocide (Myanmar).

    The problem is smaller for USSR Russia, because they are not a liberal democracy. But there is an opposition in the young urban Russians, and I hope they're okay.
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  • Stolensoul 5 months ago
    That's where we are going. Everyone wants a local, controlled internet. In other words, a dead internet.
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