Mnemonixs 4 years ago
There are no gods.
Manmade climate change is real.
There are only 2 genders.
UK women have more rights/protections.
Earth is not "flat"
Kids shouldn't be transitioned.
Socialism and Communism don't work.
Racism against whites is still racism.
If we can terraform Mars we can fix Earth.
Privacy is a right.
Words aren't violence.
Equality Of Outcome denies Equal Opportunity.
UK should republic.
EU needs limiting and reform.
All media outlets are biased.
Video Games aren't evil.
AntiFa suck.
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  • Stolensoul 4 years ago
    A lot of relative thoughts. Need to chill a bit, I guess. Because what you consider to be the truth is highly debatable.
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  • Johnnynull 4 years ago
    Which are on a sliding scale. Or not on the scale. And vary from region to region and differ across time periods.
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  • Mnemonixs 4 years ago
    masculine and feminine
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  • Johnnynull 4 years ago
    Good, except the idea of "gender" as it's currently used is not the same as biological sex. So that statement is incorrect.
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