Mongst 7 months ago
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  • Sigg3 7 months ago
    Pedophilia is wrong, but it's currently something of an overhyped problem. De facto pedophilia mostly has victims in the same family as the perpetrator.

    Trafficking people for sexual exploitation is a separate problem. Even though the sex trade doesn't care about age, the portion of minors is relatively small. A bigger issue is how the trade becomes a life sentence, and how it's a largely ignored problem because the victims are mostly female.

    @mrveemort Trump sexually assaulted a minor..
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  • Mongst 7 months ago
    No offense taken.
    I do think it is an old meme related to the Epstein case. I also think its easily overwritten with any number of other issues out there. lol. I seen a lot of pop-up and disappear news stories in the last 5 months. The media is a business, and they need to stay up to date, but I'm always wondering "what ever happened with..."
    @All thanks for the comments! I just opened a Pjuu account and I'm happy to see activity :)
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  • Mrveemort 7 months ago
    I don't like trump but i do agree that pedophilia is a big problem to be eradicated
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  • Sigg3 7 months ago
    The intention is a bit unclear. Is it a reference to the Epstein case?

    Pedophilia in itself is not a problem easily solved even in principle; it's prevalent across cultures for as long as we've existed. Academics are not even sure how to classify it, since the legal parameters don't jive with socially reality.

    More to the point, though, there's no reason why society should not be working with several problems at the same time, _which it arguably is_.

    Don't intend any offense ;)
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