Tony 3 years ago
Just thought i would post a photo of a Hotel in Morecambe ( where i live) called the Midland Hotel. It is a very art Deco build, was built way back in 1933. Recently re vamped back to it glorious ways. Took this with my drone, not many shots of this hotel from above.
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  • Ant 3 years ago
    if you have a Flickr account pop it there too
    I've had a few get picked up for stuff off there
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  • Tony 3 years ago
    Thanks Sigg3, never thought they may use it. Might look into it.
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  • Sigg3 3 years ago
    Excellent #photo. Unless you are selling it/retaining all rights, I recommend suggesting/uploading to #Wikimedia so they can use it.

    I was approached by the local chapter of #Wikipedia about one of my #Oslo photos;)
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  • Sarah 3 years ago
    looks fab!
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  • Ant 3 years ago
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