Tucumano88 3 weeks ago
Began to use a bot bridge between #deltachat app and #mastodon and it works pretty well. Truth be told, almost don't get into the web
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  • Tucumano88 3 weeks ago
    And it's about Delta Chat, well, I use it as a mail and as an IM app too
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  • Tucumano88 3 weeks ago
    Well...recently made one because I'm trying to increase the number of people that can listen to my podcast. I'm more of an alternative of Mastodon called Pleroma. Maybe the main goal of all fediverse social media is decentralization
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  • Sigg3 3 weeks ago
    What's your experience with #mastodon?

    I'm hearing good things about it but I'm not sure I need it. I've got the family on #signal for chat and pictures and it just works.
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