Yxzi 9 months ago
always wanted to know how someone decides to write like this
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  • Stolensoul 9 months ago
    I guess it depends on a lot of things, if I try to write quickly it'll probably start looking a bit like that because I find it easier to make straight lines than loops. Add a few years of habit and that's the writing you get, probably.
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  • Sigg3 9 months ago
    Nah, mine are more droopy :)
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  • Yxzi 9 months ago
    @Sigg3 you seriously write the g's so pointed? doesn't that take more time & effort if all you want to take quick notes?
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  • Sigg3 9 months ago
    I write like this. It's when my hand tries to keep up with my thoughts, or when I wrote notes in uni.

    My notes were word by word accurate (when necessary) but I doubt anyone else can read it.

    I dutifully edit and grammar check when I'm typing it afterwards.
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