Armatus 7 months ago
We wait for vaccine!
Last info: Not in october, but in december (by officials).
Because i'm not old enough to get vaccine's first batches.
For get it first you must meet one of conditions: 65+ age, medics, МЧС(EMERCOM), police
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  • Joe 7 months ago
    I think a vaccine is further off than the media make us believe. These days they have to prove so many things to show efficacy. If we take short cuts and things ever, so, slightly go wrong, they'll just play in to the hands of anti-vax, anti-covid conspiracy. Any vaccine would probably then have a negative impact on the spread of, covid, that people, at a lot of people here already think is a con
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  • Lnxw37 7 months ago
    Good point, @joe. I already think a vaccine is far off just because they still haven't proven that there's a way to get lasting immunity to the virus. If the shot became a once every three months, there would be fatigue-related compliance problems along with the anti-vaccine folks.
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  • Joe 7 months ago

    @lnxw37 Didn’t think about fatigue thing but that’s a fair point. If we don’t make it a good first round we’re definitely leaving ourselves open to the Facebook classes as research warriors and any further attempts at a vaccine will become a problem. It must be hell trying to balance fact vs fiction as well as pandemic
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  • Stolensoul 7 months ago
    Other than just the public face, a vaccine impacts basically everyone. If there is simply a tiny side effect, it could result in disastrous results at such a big scale. That's why most scientists don't talk about a vaccine at all for now.
    It seems to me that it's mostly a political attempt to calm the population down, but that's going against science...
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