Armatus 2 months ago
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  • G1ver 2 months ago
    I don't think that smb really belives that all this bad stuff in Western countries cosed by Russia, mb it is just a catalyst
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  • G1ver 2 months ago
    @G1ver but I do not think that this situation has some advantages for regular Western/Russian/Ukrainian people, it is terrible and scary for everyone
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  • Armatus 2 months ago
    inflation in US begins around Nov.2021, but Russia claimed as a cause.
    But i think massive sanctions on Russia affect both sides. In case of better economic decision in US and Europe it can cause more impact on Russia.

    But for now it feels insignificant.

    for example - petroil costs less than 50 RUB (0.81USD) per litre, 3.68$ per gallon
    (it is not changed in past 6 months)

    food became more expensive (about 6%), mostly non local, imported food (bananas, olive oil, booze)
    Electr. - 0.068$ KWh
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