Armatus 12 months ago
AFAIK no wars in europe. Gonna start a new one?
Are Afganistan, Iraq and Syria is not enough?

U.S. B-2 Spirit stealth bombers are in Europe for joint training.

Airmen from the 509th Bomb Wing at Whiteman Air Force Base, Missouri, arrived this week at RAF Fairford, England, for "theater integration and flying training" operations, U.S. European Command said in a news release Tuesday.
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  • Lnxw37 11 months ago
    Those are impressive looking planes. I drove past Whiteman about three years ago while some B-2s were taking off and landing.
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  • Armatus 11 months ago
    "European theater" - such phrases, like in most wargames, sounds kinda terrifying for me.
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  • Joe 12 months ago
    @armatus, @sigg3 is correct. This will be training. The main body of which will be across the rest of Europe. It happens all the time.
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  • Sigg3 12 months ago
    This is a NATO exercise. Russia has their own.

    This year's exercise seems to already be affected by the corona virus. There's a whole load of soldiers in quarantine :)
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  • Armatus 12 months ago
    theater integration ...
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