Deavmi 8 months ago
And as you can see #GNOME3 is the best desktop environment ever conceived.
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  • Sydney 7 months ago
    Gnome has its uses. Is it best? Well, that is a matter of personal opinion. I personally don't care what you find works best, just so long as it makes you happy. :)
    I have been playing with Gnome lately though on a touchscreen only tablet(it does have a connectable keyboard), and it definitely is the most touch friendly of the choice of mainstream DEs. KDE is not awfull, but not great either. The whole Linux Touch ecosystem needs some help.
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  • Deavmi 8 months ago
    GNOME is pleasing to the eye but no distracting and also looks nice which like to have.
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  • Armatus 8 months ago
    why not i3?
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