Deavmi 3 weeks ago
There's something about the layout of #Pjuu that I like more than any other social network. I wish that this exact layout would exist in Mastodon as I am actually somewhat tired or Mastodon's quick updates and little breathing space (don't get me wrong, live updates too are cool)
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  • Sigg3 3 weeks ago
    @felixp7 it's enough to just follow the chronology of posts, rather than changing the home screen to serve "fresh"' (unread) content that may be stale.
    Be more like a communication service and less of a time well.
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  • Felixp7 3 weeks ago
    We definitely need to learn to take it easy online. Mastodon helps. It's a lot more relaxed than some alternatives, though some toxicity remains; too is a great community so far. But #Pjuu truly promotes a "slow web". And maybe it's accidental, but now we know it's good, we can try to keep it that way on purpose.
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