Joe 1 year ago
Well, I now have a nice 4 day weekend ahead looking forward to it. Happy #Thursyay everyone
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  • Sigg3 1 year ago
    @Lnxw37 no chance, exam on Monday :9
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  • Lnxw37 1 year ago
    Could be time for some rest.

    I recently took a real day off work (where I chose not to read texts, IMs, or e-mails; and not to answer phone calls). I felt much better the next day. It was almost like people are supposed to do non-work things on their unpaid time.

    I said all that to encourage you to take some real time off during this weekend.
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  • Sigg3 1 year ago
    Alright, time to chop down the issue backlog amirite?

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