Joe 3 weeks ago
Evening. What is everybody up too?
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  • Joe 2 weeks ago
    @Jazrociov92 anything you wish. A lot of people are in to computers but not everyone
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  • Jazrociov92 2 weeks ago
    pjuu (The social network to talk about ...? computer, programs, open source ... do not know ...
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  • Stolensoul 3 weeks ago
    Trying to find stuff to craft. Bought a new saw and blades lately, but now I can't find any good idea/design.

    @pietlu Usually my way to "force" myself to start is to find a small, easy part to do, and do it. Once it's started it's easier to keep going
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  • Joe 3 weeks ago
    @pietlu I know the feeling. Coding at work all day makes it a lot harder. I'm still learning Flutter. Started to get some more of the patterns sorted in my head.
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  • Pietlu 3 weeks ago
    And you?
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  • Pietlu 3 weeks ago
    I'm very close to start coding a little bit again (after being off for more than a year *cough)'
    (Idea is there... that's usally the main thing I don't have when I'm up to code ... but now, I need to find enough motivation to start :D
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