Joe 4 years ago
Well that's the UK on forced lock down also. I think it is a good idea! People were not taking it seriously here.
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  • Sigg3 4 years ago
    Seems like the same story all over Europe :/

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  • Sarah 4 years ago
    It is @sigg3 but lots of us sensible people have been as cautious as is possible prior to the lock down, and following guidance to significantly restrict movements for the last few weeks. The major problem has been London in particular, along with people deciding to visit their second homes in the Lake District and elsewhere - sheer unnecessary stupidity, but you can’t tell some people! Our government were hoping they wouldn’t have to treat everyone like idiots - but clearly some have ruined it!
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  • Sigg3 4 years ago
    It's pretty late in the game though. Good luck!

    (Week 2 here)
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  • Lnxw37 4 years ago
    After seeing what's happened in Italy, there's no excuse for anyone in any country.
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