Joe 3 years ago
Happy weekend everyone. How do you feel about replies to replies? and how would you feel if people could see you're replies to posts in their feed? (depending on permissions of course)
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  • Sigg3 3 years ago
    Replies to replies do encourage threads of conversations, but should perhaps have a depth limit (say 10 levels) since the platform fits brevity > essays.

    Just a quick observation: if I'm both mentioned and replied to in a comment, I get 2 status updates for the same event. This should be 1 custom message or default to "N replied to your comment" etc.
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  • Joe 3 years ago
    There are many short comings in the alert system, I wrote it very quickly. There is an old issue to fix it, still trying to drum up the motivation.

    With regards to the reply depth, it's a good idea. May allow infinite depth but only show a certain depth from any given parent post you're looking at. I'll give it some thought though.
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  • Stolensoul 3 years ago
    Replies to replies require, in my opinion, collapsible threads. Showing a certain depth while hiding the rest would probably be annoying (I know I can't stand how reddit does it, for example), but could be done if there are only one or two replies.

    And if they're collapsible, showing them in the feed shouldn't be an issue as they wouldn't flood it
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