Joe 3 months ago
Hey all. I'm thinking about removing the character count on posts. What ae your thoughts?

It may be nice to use Pjuu as somewhat of a blog. All your public posts are available at<username>;
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  • Joe 2 months ago
    Hi @mukt your old comment hasn't been forgotten about. I will do it so it takes you to the original post and then automatically finds and highlights the comment.

    Markdown is a good idea!
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  • Mukt 2 months ago
    @Ant I have. Multiple times. I get two choices after that :

    1. Edit the post.
    2. Push some content into comments, giving it a twitter thread like appearance.

    Yet, character limit gives a microblogging medium its character.
    If you, @Joe, want to go for propper blogging, Pjuu would need stuff like markdown for formatting as well. And fulfilling my old request - of giving a url to each comment, will be great.
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  • Joe 2 months ago
    Yea I have a few times. I support a few thousand is nearly limitless in this context. I think Facebook is 5000 limit but don't hold me to that
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  • Ant 2 months ago
    x4 current - has any user ever come near current limit ?
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  • Joe 3 months ago
    @pieltu text storage isn't a lot. Its the image storage that's a thing. But we still have 100x the space at the same cost
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  • Pietlu 3 months ago
    *spamming intensifies*

    I guess, if Pjuu has enough storage space, it would be ok.
    You may implement some spamming prevention, though, just to make sure, nobody get's the idea to write a little program posting the prompt of cat /dev/urandom in a post ;)
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  • Joe 3 months ago
    Hey @stolensoul thanks for the input. We already collapse posts on the feed if they go over a certain number of lines 😀
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  • Stolensoul 3 months ago
    As long as they are collapsed on the general feed, I don't see how it could be a problem, on the contrary
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