Joe 1 year ago
I know I go on about features a lot and I still haven't released any in a while... but... Is supporting ActivityPub (Fediverse) something people would be interested in? I did a proof of concept and it seemed to work fine, I could find myself on Mastodon.
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  • Tucumano88 1 year ago
    Well, a colleague joined and ask me if pjuu is decentralized and federated. I think that if pjuu goes to the activitypub federation would be nice to expand the limits, but also I think could change the idea of pjuu too
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  • Joe 1 year ago
    @lnx37 I agree. The model of inbox/outbox would make this a lot easier. @sigg3 I agree. For years I didn't think it would solve the privacy problem but if we make Pjuu a lot more portable and easier to run in definitely can by potentially being something that's super east to run on your own.
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  • Lnxw37 1 year ago
    I'm in favor of federation, but I think we should realize that will mean that members will need "stream curation" features like block & mute.
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  • Sigg3 1 year ago
    Don't sweat features. They're ready when they're ready.

    I believe fediverse or something like it is up ahead for most if not all social networks, so it can be seen as future proofing.
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