Joe 6 months ago
If any one is interested in the European directive Article 13 and what it could spell for sites which allow user uploaded content, heres a link:

If you live in the EU, you can help stop this!
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  • Sigg3 6 months ago
    > there is also a long list of exemptions, including:

    non-profit online encyclopaedias
    open source software development platforms
    cloud storage services
    online marketplaces
    communication services
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  • Sigg3 6 months ago
    It's too loose to say whether I'm for or against.

    I also don't like the web as we know it today. It's too much corporate greed and commoditization.
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  • Joe 6 months ago
    @sigg3 I agree with you. I think there is a lot wrong with it as it is. Not sure if we're covered by the open source platforms (i'm presuming Github/Gitlab)
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