Joe 11 months ago
Since it's the 1st of April and my three months of no alcohol are over I need a new challenge! I've spend some time learning Spanish over the last few years and it has payed off, I get the gist of Narco's without reading the subtitles 🤣... The language I like the most though is German so I'm going to try learn it some more. At what point do you guys think in learning a new language you are good path?
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  • Dawn 11 months ago
    Oh dear @joe I did wonder if you might be a tad rough today. Just as well you're working from home 😷😷 xx
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  • Joe 11 months ago
    @dawn the way my head is feeling today that's not a bad idea! @lex3luthor awesome! We can compare notes once I get a big further
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  • Dawn 11 months ago
    @joe maybe try doing another 90 days alcohol free 😜😜
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  • Lex3luthor 11 months ago
    oh good! i'm trying to learn german as well m8 :)
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