Joe 4 weeks ago
Happy #FridYAY everyone. Been using a Debian Desktop for a month now and it's amazing
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  • Johnnynull 1 week ago
    I ran Manjaro for a year and change. It's quite good. But IMO it doesn't completely negate keeping an eye on what Arch proper is doing. If Manjaro slips something through without informing you it can still snip you in the ass. That said, most anything is more stable than Arch. I had almost no problems w/Manjaro.
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  • Stolensoul 2 weeks ago
    Yeah, and when you need something it's usually covered on the archlinux wiki, which is refreshing after the (lack of) documentation with debian... Resolving problems feels more like fixing things and less like voodoo magic :p
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  • Joe 2 weeks ago
    @stolensoul running it now, very painless install TBH. Everything is just working :)
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  • Joe 3 weeks ago
    May have to give Manjaro a try
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  • Stolensoul 3 weeks ago
    I had to choose between switching to w10 or using linux, so I hesitated a lot. Between various linux distros.
    Ended up picking manjaro ("arch for humans"), and I think I prefer it to debian, it feels less "old", I guess. The main problem being that most of the community and attention is focused towards Debian-based distros, which makes it sometimes hard to solve problems on manjaro.
    The only thing I regret is the bad support for games, but heh..
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