Joe 1 week ago
How is everyone doing?
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  • Mongst 3 days ago
    I work at a local hospital in IT, so I was fortunate enough to be deemed an essential worker. Ive been working as usual throughout everything.
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  • Duck 6 days ago
    All things considered, not bad. I can't get a job right now, but I'm taking this break to learn some things, play video games, work on some personal projects, and go to school. Just finished the first semester last week.
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  • Sigg3 1 week ago
    @Joe Just got out of #quarantine, so kids are back in #kindergarten. Which brings me back to learning #python :)
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  • Lnxw37 1 week ago
    This is normally the busy season at work, but I've been off since November, with no idea when there will be more work available. (Not that I'm looking forward to air travel.)

    Have several personal projects in near-standstill because I'm reluctant to put in a lot of effort, then get called away for six to twelve months.

    Other than that, doing well. No illnesses. Plenty of food. Planted some tomatoes. Not enough videochat time with 1 year old grandson.
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  • Joe 1 week ago
    Ah awesome, glad your out of lock down. I'm still staying in until the end of June, other than that everything is good thanks. Yea I've not been as active recently. Been working and playing games to help with the boredom.
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  • Felixp7 1 week ago
    Mixed, as usual. Out of lockdown. Creative projects are going well. Hardware issues might get resolved soon.

    What about you? You've been away for a while.
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