Maxxcan 1 month ago
The data that the most famous apps collect from us
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  • Sigg3 4 weeks ago
    @Kikikikikiller Not really. The contact info is necessary for having human readable instead of just phone numbers.

    Of course, they could have made it optional, allowing the user to only see phone numbers and perhaps add nick names manually.

    They also need to ascertain whether the person you're messaging is supposed to receive regular SMS rather than the encrypted signal message. Removing this would entail not having signal be the default messaging app though.

    IMO this is a fair trade off.
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  • Maxxcan 4 weeks ago
    @Kikikikikiller a little
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  • Kikikikikiller 4 weeks ago
    Oh damn, Signal seems to be a spyware
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  • Maxxcan 4 weeks ago
    @Gespenstr which?
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  • Gespenstr 4 weeks ago
    It's nice know that I only use one of those programs on my phone.
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  • Maxxcan 1 month ago
    @Sigg3 yes. #lego too :(
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  • Sigg3 1 month ago
    #lego wtf
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