Maxxcan 2 weeks ago
Thanks to this book I see the wonderful is Lisp even more
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  • Sigg3 1 week ago
    @Maxxcan yeah, #clojure is pretty popular :)
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  • Maxxcan 1 week ago
    @Sigg3 not I use Common Lisp, Scheme and ELisp for me. Now I am learning Clojure and I'll try to find job outside my country in the next year.
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  • Maxxcan 1 week ago
    @Joe yes I am enjoining it too much
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  • Sigg3 2 weeks ago
    You write #lisp @Maxxcan? In a job setting?

    I started out learning common lisp but there's no demand for it in my country, so I couldn't justify it. Went the #python route and it's a lazy language that "just works" (thanks to tons of overhead). But there are new jobs weekly.
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  • Joe 2 weeks ago
    That book is great @Maxxcan I purchased a copy nearly 20 years ago was my first ever purchase on Amazon and probably still the best.
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