Mukt 3 months ago
Diaspora HQ has posted that under proposed law in EU, owners of alternative social networks will be liable for pirated content posted on their servers *as soon as it is posted*.
Either EU is going to dogs, or diaspora is going down the drain.
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  • Mukt 2 months ago
    @Deavmi The Austrian school of economics is on spot:

    Big govt = big trouble.

    @Ant, if it is coming back, rest assured, there are big powers behind it. Probably some crony capitalist hijacking the EU and using it to further entrench his assests.
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  • Deavmi 3 months ago
    The EU has some of the most dumb laws ever honestly.

    I am all fot independance from monolith like that impossing dumb laws on exports as well.
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  • Joe 3 months ago
    Unfortunately they're correct. It's a stupid law that has been thrown out multiple times. It just keeps coming back. How enforceable it is. I don't know.
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