Redbud 3 weeks ago
Indulge a newbie here, please: I thought I'd posted a photo, but it hasn't shown up. Did all the usual (intuitive) things--icon, photo, post--nothing. What's up? I could use an FAQ or tutorial to get up to speed, apparently.
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  • Joe 2 weeks ago
    @Redbud Hi, welcome to Pjuu. The photo icon simply turns green when you have attached a photo. It doesn't show a preview at this point (that's something I can look at thought). I think only Android KitKat doesn't support file uploads correctly IIRC
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  • Redbud 3 weeks ago
    Thanks, though. No problems with anything else. Hmm....
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  • Felixp7 3 weeks ago
    Can't help, sorry, I joined earlier this spring myself and barely did any posting. Didn't have any trouble setting up my profile or posting photos, either. Not sure what might be wrong.
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