Sydney 6 years ago
Not sure what #openmailbox was thinking...
pushing a huge upgrade without giving anyone a clue it was going to happen or what the changes would be, taking days to finish it, still not finishing it, and allowing users to access it not properly working. No IMAP support on free plan, no email filters, JS overloaded site, no cheap plans, lack of user settings for things, no more Owncloud hosting...

I'm probably forgetting things, but oh well, you get the idea. I want my email back!

/end rant
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  • Sydney 6 years ago
    I can actually send and recieve email today. What a improvement. They gave everyone who was upgraded a free month of the Pro version of the service, but that isn't a good long term solution IMO.
    They also have dropped email aliases, which is really hurting alot of people. Thankfully I wasn't using them much.
    I want my email filters back though!
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  • Nuke 6 years ago
    I wanted to open an account there, but it was on a period of crowdfunding, so i ended up on protonmail
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  • Ldgc 6 years ago
    I don't know either 😵 For now, I will mainly use #Yandex mail and #mailfence. #openmailbox will be used to see information of some emails ☺️
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