Sydney 6 years ago
Power went out last night for 6 hours. Its amazing and sad how dependent we are on Electricity.
I would like to be less dependent on the "Grid", but milking 120 cows twice a day would be a bit difficult to do by hand, let alone cool the milk quickly.
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  • Sydney 6 years ago
    Yes, we have had much longer in the past. Thankfully it was not so long this time.
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  • Johnnynull 6 years ago
    6 hours? That's adorable. We had ten days without power back in… 2011(?)
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  • Johnnynull 6 years ago
    Oh look. A vegan myth. I'm shocked, I tell you, shocked.
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  • Shalimar 6 years ago
    There was power failure for days and the cows died because they couldn't be milked all by hand.
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