Yxzi 1 year ago
...except it's not
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  • Sigg3 1 year ago
    Actually, the covid-19 virus is likely here to stay, like the flu and the common cold. So things will be fine even with covid around. In the future.

    Not sure why the media is portraying the vaccine as a solution to the virus as such, when in reality it's a solution for the deadliness of it. It's supposed to make it more harmless, not eradicate it. It's pretty obvious that the delta strain spreads to and from vaccinated people. We just have to make sure it's an annoyance rather than a danger.
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  • Yxzi 1 year ago
    I didn't draw this, but I like how you changed the text in the speech bubble to quote your president. Now it became a meme in Portuguese!
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  • Caxinguele 1 year ago
    🇬🇧 Did you draw this? It remembers things that Brasil's psychotic president have said and/or says...

    🇧🇷 Você que desenhou? Lembra coisas que o presidente psicótico do Brasil disse e/ou diz...

    In my image below: "It is just a little cold. Everything is fine."

    #presidenteGenocida #presidentePsicopata #presidenteCorrupto #impeachmentJá
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