🇧🇷 Meu nome é Avique Caxinguelê. 🇬🇧 My name is Avique Caxinguelê.


  • Caxinguele 3 weeks ago
    I wrote my profile information in 2 paragraphs separated by an empty line. Why i am seeing them together, now, in the header of my feed?

    Another thing. I would like to know if you see the unicode characters i wrote in it. A letter "e" with acute accent, alone. And the last letter of my name is an "e" with circumflex. It appears two times, since i wrote the same sentence in two languages. I used the unicode character of the countries' flag before each sentence. Do you see them? (?) Like below:
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  • Caxinguele 1 month ago
    Why not supporting some text formatting in our posts? Markdown language, at least, would be great. But just do it keeping one very important feature you have now: the site works in a fairly old browser i still use: Firefox 52 (if the formatting feature exists, but i am not seeing it for my browser being lost with it, hopefully this can be changed?).
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