Gespenstr 2 weeks ago
**_Behold my #Battlestation!_**
I've recently started drawing regularly again, mainly studying fundamentals, but also doing cartoons here and there. While I've done much of my work in the past digitally, I wanted to do more traditional work, if only because I know it is not healthy to stare at a computer screen all day every day.
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  • Gespenstr 1 week ago
    The pad is slanted just enough to be able to set my arm's weight on it. Though honestly I haven't give it much though, I mainly got the stand for the sake of my back, since some artsist can develop back problems from bending forward for long periods of time.

    Thanks! I haven't done many animals, so I may well do that soon.
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  • Joe 2 weeks ago
    Awesome @Gespenstr. Looking forward to seeing the new drawings. If you ever fancy doing Otter drawings would be cool :)
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  • Sigg3 2 weeks ago
    That is cool;) How do you draw on that thing without getting tired in the arm?
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