Joe 1 year ago
Sorry everyone. Unfortunatley our nginx wasn't restarted after the certificate upgrade and it went un-noticed.
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  • Lnxw37 1 year ago
    It might be time for Engine Y or Engine Z.
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  • Caxinguele 1 year ago
    🇬🇧 @Sigg3, @G1ver and everyone else, I think it is nice to notice the site seems to have been down quite some days, for the expired cert.. Only when I had some free time, I opened an issue in github about it ( It was fixed pretty fast, then!

    🇧🇷 Pessoal lendo aqui, acho legal observar q a Pjuu ficou fora uns bons dias, pelo certificado expirado. Eu estava ocupada quando vi a primeira vez. Achei q consertava rápido, mas ainda pus no github dias depois!
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  • G1ver 1 year ago
    @sigg3 that is an excellent idea, I think that we shuold choose a way to have a massage in such cases, may be an e-mail will be more comfortable
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  • Sigg3 1 year ago
    Hmm.. what's the best way to notify about outage? I could write a bot and have it push an issue on GitHub or something.
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  • G1ver 1 year ago
    Yeah, it was strange that I could not get an access, but it is working now, no truble
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